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Angel's Gear Devlog #5 - Intro Cutscene

Hey guys, how's it going?

This week was one of the most intensive weeks of gamedev I've ever had. The work I did here was from waking up to going to bed for almost 6 days straight. Super hard work. I think it paid off.

I wanted the intro cutscene of the game to be just enough to hook the player, but also short enough that it wouldn't be annoying. It's roughly two minutes, perfect length.

First off was the big exposition dump, for this I wanted an awesome background. Something cool, subtle, and vaguely religious feeling.

After that, it was time to set up how the Soldier got involved in the world of Angel's Gear.

I planned out this big siege, an Omaha beach type scenario.

I started with just some flavor-text. Men getting sea-sick and a light dash of lore mentioning crazy cult folk.

Now it was time to make the meat and potatoes, a huge set piece with dragons and war and yadda yadda.

The background work here absolutely sucked balls, I am not a traditional artist so if the visual language isn't represented by tiles god damn do I find it shitty to work in. But! I made it look okay enough. Overall, it matches what I had in mind decently enough.

Next was the big twist, the "woah, this isn't your grandma's world war two themed apocalypse"! I love dragons man. Was fun to do this guy. Was also really cool to mess around in FL Studio to make his nasty roar. A good synthesizer can really sell a mechano-dragon I tell you what.

And then after tons of assets, tweaking, shitting, farting, and generally being an enormous pain, I managed to complete it. Here's the finished product, sound and all!

That's it for this week! Next week, I'll be making the tutorial level. Should be a lot comfier.

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