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Angel's Gear Devlog #4 - NPC's

What's up guys? I'm here for they keys and the cash. Let's get it started.

This week was rather productive, I got a ton of stuff done. I Improved the visuals of the hub for one, but the big thing was spriting, animating, and implementing the NPC's to the hub area.

The first NPC I animated was Natya. She's the map girl/ engineer. I imagined her as a narcissistic fujoshi type. Just sort of a weird and off-putting little lady, but in an endearing way. She just watches anime and plays old shitty MMOs all day. Her main duty is mapping out the world of Angel's Gear, but she also provides player with the ability to reincarnate after death. She made those cool save stations I showed off earlier.

Next was these two freaks. A Sadism and Masochism themed pair, this giant demon woman called "Warmother" and her little slave sack thing called "Charlie". This is basically a training-dummy room for the player to experiment with their move set, with some added personality.

And then there's this weird shaman-like skeleton dude called Isaac. He tends to this tree called "Yg". Yg makes these esoteric rumbles and yodels, and Isaac interprets this via song. He's the historian character, made mainly for lore-dumping to the interested player.

After that was Locke, arguably the most important character in the Hub. He's this interdimensional traveler, and has spent an eternity hopping from dimension to dimension in order to stop the progression of The Gear. He is the main guide for the player, pointing you in which direction and giving you a sort of "mission".

Last but not least, Milly! This loveable giant goofball of a skeleton-snake-goat thing. She's the smithy. She'll make your cool weapons, armor, and generally just take good care of you.

This was an enormous amount of work, and there is still more to be done with these guys. The spriting was really intensive, but I'm mostly proud of what I managed to do this week. Happy to see these guys come to life.

On that note, I also got dialogue boxes, as well as face-sets for those boxes, all finished up. Have a peak at Natya's dialogue.

I've written dialogue introductions for all of the characters so far, and they are implemented in the game. I don't want to over-share that stuff though, so you'll just have to wait!

That's all for this week, see you next time!

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