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Greetings, Witness.

Lost, are we? Or have you chosen

to come here willingly?

Whatever it is, it doesn't

really matter.

I'm Scumhead.

I make edgy and weird projects.

Games and Comics that go places they really have

no business going to. Nonsensical autism tycoons.

Deep dives into my damaged mind. Explorations of a

manic ejaculation of nonsense onto your digital device.

There is a list of projects that I'm working on

below, as well as my blog.

If you enjoy my work, please consider donating.

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Lycanthorn is

a love letter to

classic castlevania

games, translated

into 3D! Defeat

the Vampire Carmilla

as Rain, The Vampire


Vomitoreum is a 3D

Metroidvania set

in a disgusting and

ruined world. Discover the dark events that led

to Vomitoreum's descent.

Lycanthorn II is

a love letter to

classic castlevania

games, translated

into 3D! Nosferatu

has risen from his grave,

join other heroes to

stop him!


the Vomitoreum:


comic here!

Shrine II is a

total conversion

mod for Doom II.

Return to the Five

Realms to defeat

the Lord of the Great

Ones, Azathoth.

Shrine is a

total conversion

mod for Doom II.

Go on a rampage

against the eldritch

forces of the Elder



is an rpg about

a little booger

and his wheelchair

of power.

Orogenesis is

and open world

Zelda-like rpg

about exploring

a wacky world with

your gang of strange


Mothlight is a

surrealist rpg that

explores mental illness.

Journey through a

strange and nightmarish


Blackseed is a

webcomic about a kid

named mud and his

revolution against

the demons who hold

the Blackseed.